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sga_guide's Journal

The Alternative Guide to Stargate Atlantis Fandom
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A Guide to Stargate Atlantis Characters, Pairings, and Relationships
Welcome to the Alternative Guide to Stargate Atlantis! This project was developed as a way of providing a central resource to fans who are interested gen fanworks and fanworks that focus on pairings and poly relationships less common (and thus harder to find material on) than John Sheppard/Rodney McKay.

Please note that we love all characters, pairings, and relationships here, and will not tolerate any bashing of any character or relationship.

Membership is moderated, but we're happy to allow anyone who's interested to join. Joining means you'll see all of our backstage work: the draft posts and the requests for help and the development of community standards. If you don't care about any of those things and just want to use the actual guide, then you may want to just watch the community rather than joining.

Posts you might find helpful:

The Master Post - This is where all of the guide pages are listed! Or at least it will be, once we have some.
The FAQ Post - All your questions answered! And if not, you can leave us a new question.
The Resource Page - A list of other places to find a variety of SGA fanworks.
The Guide Writing Volunteer Post - This is where to go if you want to sign up to write a guide page.
The Other Volunteer Post - This is where you go if you want to join the community in order to help ways besides taking the lead on a guide page.
Guide Writing Guidelines - See what's involved in writing a guide.
The Request Page - Where to go to request an entry on a particular character or relationship.
The Feedback Page - If you have something you want to tell us, this is where to leave it!

We also have a presence on Dreamwidth at [community profile] sga_guide. The DW version isn't a full mirror, but we do maintain a master list there, and will post announcements whenever a new page is published here.

Other questions? Please head to the feedback post or email the editors at sga.guide.mods AT gmail DOT com

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