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After a few delays (*shakes fist at LJ*), the new layout for the comm is live! There are three beautiful banners by theeverdream in rotation currently.

Let me know in a comment here if you experience any kind of problem with it. There's one problem that I know of at the moment which I'm working to resolve (at least one entry is shorter than the userpic/date combo and it's running into the next entry), so hopefully that will be fixed soon. (ETA: Resolved!) If you do have another problem, tell me what browser you're using and describe the problem as much as you can.

I'm also open to changing various colors if legibility is a problem.

Otherwise, I made a few decisions which are reversible:

1) I removed the navigation strip, purely because I don't like how it looks. ;) If people want it, though, I can put it back.

2) I changed the tags from cloud to list. Again, that can be changed if people prefer it the other way.

3) The order of things in the sidebar can be changed. I think I left everything in its default order. (ETA: Spoke too soon. This is not possible without a paid account and some significant rewiring, so to speak. There's some discussion in the comments about ways around this.)

4) I have not made custom entry/comment pages for this comm and to be honest, I'm reluctant to do so. I think LJ's default page is generally easier to read, and this is a highly text-driven project.

I think that's about it! Again, it may take a day or two to shake all the bugs out, so please be patient if things are wonky, especially given LJ's delightful robustness of late. You can always view in your own style until I've fixed the problem if things are really difficult to read.
SG Gen: Puddlejumper

Poll for Non-Members

The original divide between members and non-members was intended to allow people who just wanted to use sga_guide to do so without having to see all of the behind-the-scenes work and community development scroll across their flist. However, the question has been raised about whether some of you might be interested in having a chance to comment on posts before they officially go live. If you say yes, then creators of the various pages will have the option of posting an unlocked draft version to the community for feedback and additional suggestions. (As opposted to the locked draft version we had planned to use.) No other backstage works will be made public--just the draft posts. But I know some of you probably opted not to be members just so you wouldn't have to see all that stuff.

So, a poll for non-members!

Do you want draft versions to be publicly posted to the community?

Yes. I'd like a chance to comment on draft versions
No. I'd rather keep the community uncluttered.
I don't care either way.


Ticky because I'm already a member, but can't resist a poll
Ticky just because I can!

This poll will close on Tuesday, April 5th at 23:59 EDT.

Request Page

If there's a character or relationship you want information about that we don't cover, and you don't want to volunteer to write the page yourself, you can comment here requesting that we add it to the queue. Please don't use this post to list every character or relationship you can think of--save it for the ones you really want. We don't promise an immediate response, but we'll try to cover the most frequently requested characters and relationships as quickly as we can.

If you already know where to find some resources on the character or relationship you're requesting, please leave that information in the comment too. And if you see a request that you can provide information on, please respond to that comment with the information. Even if we don't get to that page soon, the person who's interested will probably appreciate the information.

Setting up the Community: Volunteer Post

You don't want to commit to creating a whole guide page, but you'd like to help out in some other way? We have lots of things that need done right now, including:

- Designing some (character-free) icons for sga_guide or sga_guide_mods
- Helping people develop character/pairing/relationship guides
- Helping to develop community policy
- Providing suggestions for the various resource posts

If you're interested in helping, please comment here. I'll keep a list of who's doing what.

Current Volunteers

melyanna - layout development
mjulok - guide suggestions
skaredykat - proofreading and general guide suggestion
slybrarian - guide suggestions
theeverdream - headers and icons